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The Idea

Authentic reviews have been taking over any other method for the consumer to gain trust in products and services they consume. At Genuine Guestbook we put so much time and effort to developing a better concept for all of us as individuals or as consumers but also for the businesses and organizations to gain from it.

Perfect Match

Collectively, we can accomplish a world of good for ourselves, our business and our customers as we make our way through this thing called life. It’s not always about a 1 star or 5 stars to make an educated decision before we consume a service or product. Not to mention the marketing "harassment" that many times covers our eyes to get what we really wanted.

The Genuine Guestbook platform has harnessed and refined this sense of community. By doing so, we are able to centralize and categorize the facts we face and the challenges we experience in our professional lives and put them to use for ourselves and for others to gain and grow from.

Metadata & Classification

The power of numbers (information) generated by Genuine Guestbook is similar to Wikipedia for information, or Waze for Traffic. Genuine Guestbook’s aim is solely for sharing public experiences and our own views without artificial influencers, distractions or other hidden tactics.

An outlook behind this venture is to utilize the traditional approach for human interaction on business with the latest technology available: A business owner OWNS a Guestbook (same as they did 100 years ago) while a public user is FREE to share only their own ‘genuine’ experiences (via multiple patented methods). Now, the community will have the capacity to formulate their own opinions by taking what they’ve read and making sense of it as it applies to their world. There are absolutely no ads or any other third-party intervention to promote one business vs. another.

Utilizing a friendly metadata and classification system will help every user to make a judgements related to a specific services or certain products. This allows users more control over what we REALLY want. That's all!

Take a Lead

Enroll now, share your own ‘genuine experiences’, encourage friends to do the same or tell a business owners about the Genuine Guestbook concept for their own benefit. They will own the reviews and ratings that come from the community forever.

Together, we’ll impact our lives AND create a better future.

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